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1 NatSec Thing - 16 Feb 2018

Today's thing is just this one thing. I had another issue ready to go instead of this one. Had it sch
February 16 · Issue #36 · View online
5 NatSec Things
Today’s thing is just this one thing. 
I had another issue ready to go instead of this one. 
Had it scheduled and everything. 
Plans changed this morning.
As the events in Florida unfolded during what is yet another school shooting in America, I did what some of you probably did. 
I muted words like “gun,” and “NRA,” and “Parkland” from my Twitter timeline. Not because I want to run from this, but I just couldn’t handle the tidal wave one more time. 
Then this morning a tweet broke through. Not ashamed to admit I started sobbing. So I wrote something about it. Then started sobbing again.
You might have already seen this when I posted it on Twitter earlier.
I could do some commentary on how this is a national security issue (fuck yeah, it is) and tie in a bunch of other things that have happened in defense related news. But I can’t. Not today. 
If you’re new here and not sure what this normally looks like, feel free to peruse the back issues for an idea of what’s coming back on Monday.
See you then.

Someone should do something, and we're all someone Someone should do something, and we're all someone
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