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5 NatSec Things - 13 Apr 2018

Today's things: Moscow don't tweet; Russian drone jam; Somalia kicks UAE to curb; flip flop on Qatar;
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5 NatSec Things
Today’s things: Moscow don’t tweet; Russian drone jam; Somalia kicks UAE to curb; flip flop on Qatar; drill sergeants head to AIT.

Quote of the Day
“You’ve now become a very big advocate, and we appreciate it. A lot of countries were funding terrorism and we’re stopping it. It’s getting stopped and fast — very important.” –  Donald Trump to Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who managed to keep a straight face
Russian politicians find moral compass thanks to Trump Russian politicians find moral compass thanks to Trump
Fragile is Russian for “radioactive isotopes”
“We do not participate in Twitter diplomacy. We support serious approaches. We continue to believe that it’s important not to take steps that can harm an already fragile situation.” – Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov
When does Twitter delete his account?
Donald J. Trump
Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
6:57 AM - 11 Apr 2018
Trump’s recent tweets in response to an alleged Syrian chemical attack have managed to give Moscow something they haven’t had for a while: the moral high ground. 
Because while Russia’s been behind the murder of ex-spies on British soil, continues to incarcerate people that disagree with Moscow, and has a president who can’t keep his shirt on, at least Putin’s not tweeting like a toddler throwing a tantrum.
Polonium is not as cool as vibranium
I work with a guy who wants to argue that Trump is crazy like a fox, and he’s right, assuming said fox is rabid, geriatric, and only eats at McDonald’s
This latest news cycle it’s starting to feel like all the pressure’s he’s under might be hitting a breaking point. So he’s lashing out at Russia, because hey, at least he didn’t help a country gas its own people. 
What else happened at school, Donnie?
By describing missiles as “nice and new and ‘smart’,” the president sounds like a 1st grader telling his mom about his first day at school. And the “smart” is in quotes when he’s telling her about everyone else, but his mom knows he’s talking about himself. 
It’s true that the Russias are prone to hyperbole, but when they describe Trump as “the least capable president in the world,” they’re not wrong.
And as I was writing today’s newsletter, this happened.
Donald J. Trump
Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our “Thank you America?”
6:15 AM - 12 Apr 2018
Russia jamming US drones in Russia
How far to the crash?
The U.S. military maintains sufficient countermeasures and protections to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our forces and the missions they support. – Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon who wants us to know everything’s fine
It’s only cool when the band does it
The Russians are jamming the GPS receivers of smaller US drones over Syria, making it harder for the Pentagon to find things to shoot its “nice new and ‘smart’” missiles at. So far larger weapons-capable drones are not affected.
Going back to the Crimea
The Ukraine’s the first instance where GPS jamming by Russian forces was observed, targeting UN observation drones. With the military’s reliance on GPS technology for everything from navigation to targeting, operating without GPS capability is almost impossible.
World War GPS Free
The US military’s developing technology that make it possible for systems to work in a GPS-degraded environment. The next war promises to be a mix of current tech and older less technical skills as a result.
Somalia to UAE: Our army doesn't need your money
I’d show you the money, but I don’t wanna
“It’s our duty as the government to ensure the salaries for our army — not that it has to bother other people.” – Somalia’s defense minister
Congrats on your purchase of another country’s army
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been funding and training Somali forces, and the forces trained and paid by the UAE have been pissing off other non-UAE sponsored forces by conducting unilateral raids on politicians and not making payoffs. 
That last part’s not in the report, but you don’t walk off with $9.6m in cash because you’re on the side of the angels in Somalia.
Now the Somali government is telling the UAE, “thanks but nope” to any further funding/training support for their military.
Big trouble over little Somaliland
The trouble’s been brewing over the breakaway territory of Somaliland, where the UAE has also been providing military training, building a military base, and operating a major port. 
This has not sat well with Mogadishu, which would rather shoot the golden goose than let someone else get the eggs. Of course, Somaliland is still getting the eggs, so this is a terrible metaphor.
Remember Blackhawk Down?
The US is already engaged in drone strikes and SOF operations against militants in Somalia. What the US and its other regional partners don’t want is continued destabilization by the central government because if you want more insurgents? 
That’s how you get more insurgents.
President Trump now sees Doha as anti-terror partner
Isn’t us, wasn’t us, won’t be us
“I want to make something very clear, Mr. President. We do not and we will not tolerate with people who fund terrorism. We’ve been cooperating with the United States of America to stop funding terrorism around the region.” – Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
Arms for Arabia
A year ago, Donald Trump was castigating Doha for funding terrorism. 
That echoes a claim leveled by some of Qatar’s neighbors, including Saudi “OMG We Have The Biggest Glass Palaces” Arabia, which is best known for exporting terrorism. It probably figures into the country’s GDP. 
Now Trump is sure that Qatar’s behaving well, and that the whole thing will be fine.
What gave you that idea?
The “whole thing” in question is a continued blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritania, and Egypt. 
That’s been in place since 2017, and happened because, well, Qatar kinda just wanted to do its own thing and not take marching orders from its neighbors. 
There are no signs that the crisis is ending soon.
But let’s sell guns
The US is coming out of this the winner all around, as they’re selling weapons to all parties concerned, which is one of the reasons for Trump’s change in tone: the recent weapons sale to Qatar (and Saudi Arabia) means US jobs. 
Which is about the only thing Trump really understands. 
Well, that and french fries.
Army AIT platoon sergeants get to be drill sergeants again Army AIT platoon sergeants get to be drill sergeants again
It’s pronounced “Duty”
“I think we went a little more in-depth on room inspections, and how to handle certain special cases. Sometimes when they get to us, they fall back into old habits.“ – Sgt. 1st Class John Doody, which is the worst/best possible name for a drill sergeant
On the line, everybody
Gaining units in the US Army have complained that new soldiers coming out of Basic Combat Training (BCT) and then Advanced Individual Training (AIT) are lacking some basic soldier skills, like marksmanship, personal discipline, and how to build a case for all their participation trophies. 
The Army’s planning to fix some of that by turning platoon sergeants in AIT back into drill sergeants.
Back in my day, you just had to choke yourself
Before the libtards and the cucks and the feminazis went and ruined everything, life was simpler. If you were a person of color, or a woman, you didn’t enlist. Or if you did, it was to a separate unit. 
So all the white boys got trained by a lot of sadistic racists, because that’s how daddy and granddaddy did it. Now that everyone wants to be all equal and whatnot, things have gone downhill.
It’s a long way from entitled to empowered
Easy shots at bigotry aside, if the army does this right, they’ll end up with soldiers ready to say "I own this,” instead of “You owe me.” And the result of more disciplined training should be a fighting force that’s better prepared to deal with the moving target that is the modern battlefield.
What it takes to do well in the army in some ways will never change. The society that feeds those training pipelines? It has. Which means your average initial entry trainee may need more time to go from citizen to soldier than before.
Tell a friend, or someone you email now and then
I’ve got…plans…for this newsletter. It’s a helluva lot of fun to do, I’m learning something every day, and it’s got me writing regularly, all of which are cool things. And because you’re a reader, well, you make it worthwhile.
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I’d like to grow this thing into some other things, with the core always being this letter. 
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