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Maybe Bergdahl Just Needs To Get High

Remember I said that thing about change? Welcome to "5 NatSec Things." Same letter, updated title.And
November 4 · Issue #9 · View online
5 NatSec Things
Remember I said that thing about change? 
Welcome to “5 NatSec Things.” Same letter, updated title.
And it’s now a daily. So. Buckle up.
Today we’re talking about: 
  • Bergdahl getting out of jail
  • How much vets like pot
  • The kidnap and murder of Sgt. La David Johnson
  • WTAF is happening at Gitmo
  • Afghans AWOL in America

Bergdahl gets no jail time; discharge means he'll get no help
I’d submit that five years with the Taliban chained to a bedframe, kept in a cage counts as time served. He’s being discharged dishonorably, busted down to private, and owes the government $10,000. The discharge means he’s ineligible for any veterans’ benefits. And he’s fucked if he wants a discount at Lowe’s. Lots of veterans have lots of feels on this: as a veteran, I hope he gets the help he needs.
Vets want weed; also, water usually wet
American Legion surveyed a bunch of vets at a Taco Bell and learned that 80% of them would like some weed. What the Legion and anyone with a functional brain want is to drop pot from DEA Schedule I, since Schedule I drugs (like LSD, and heroin) have “no currently accepted medical use.” Turns out that marijuana does good things for PTSD. So more pot would be good news for Taco Bell, and bad news for the drug industry. 
Sgt. Johnson most likely kidnapped/murdered by militants
Which was probably a direct result of Nigerien troops hauling ass as soon as the ambush kicked off. This story is not going to get better, and this breaking bit from CBS is no surprise - the kid was missing for a couple of days. No way he wandered off by himself. Reports say he was found with his hands bound, and the plan was probably to kidnap him but then changed when his captors realized killing him just made things easier. 
Judge may bust Marine general out of his trailer in Gitmo
Marine general lets three civilian attorneys defending the alleged mastermind of the USS Cole bombing quit the case over a breach in attorney-client communications, so an Air Force colonel confined the general to his quarters, a trailer behind the courtroom, for 21 days. Now another judge is trying to overturn that sentence. It’s A Few Good Men meets No Time For Sergeants and everyone’s starting to look silly.
Afghan trainees love America so much they're staying
Almost half of your AWOL foreign trainees are from one country. The same country the US has been occupying for going on 17 years at this point. It’s not because they fell in love with the culture here, it’s just that they figure that going back home is a death sentence. And they’re naive enough to believe that being in the US, despite our rampant xenophobia, is a better choice. Here’s hoping their lives get better.
Like it? Tell me, then tell a friend
Yeah, this here’s the CTA. The part of today’s letter where I ask you to let somebody else know that you liked this thing. I’m committing to doing this every day for now, since a) I have the time, and b) I need to write the words. 
Felt like this was getting a little wordy this week, so I’ve chopped it down a bit. Expect it to stay like this for a while. Fewer GIFs, but maybe a more readable bit in your inbox. So, enjoy. And as always, thanks for reading!
Your War Editor,
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