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Not All Vets Is Dudes

I'm changing one thing with this newsletter, which is the subject line, since, well, sometimes you ha
November 3 · Issue #8 · View online
5 NatSec Things
I’m changing one thing with this newsletter, which is the subject line, since, well, sometimes you have to do that kind of a thing to move forward. And there’s some other stories about change, today. To the hot takes!

Sure, Let's Put DynCorp In Charge
McMaster wants re-opened AfPak post in the White House
Trump may bring back the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, since it’s clear the war’s not going to end itself. And McMaster, national security adviser and walking Mr. Clean ad, wants it in the White House.
There’s talk of putting former US ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in charge. Or maybe Stephen A. Feinberg, who owns DynCorp, a hella big defense contractor. Which should give us pause. 
Since privatizing war is also Eric Prince of Blackwater fame’s stock in trade. And word is: Trump likes Prince’s Afghanistan plan for contracting out all the war things
When All You Have Is A Screwdriver, Everything Could Be A Nuclear Disaster
Junior airman almost set off a nuke 53 years ago
It could have happened to anyone: you forgot your fuse puller at home, use a screwdriver instead, and because the wiring’s faulty in the ICBM retro-rocket, you blow a warhead off the top of the Minuteman missile and it slams to the bottom of the silo. Lucky for you, you didn’t turn South Dakota into the Midwest’s reading light for the next 100 years.
When it comes to war and the machines we build wage it, a lot can go wrong super fast. And according to the CBO, nukes like that ICBM that are still in the inventory are going to cost a couple of bucks to overhaul. That’s “trillion,” with a “t.”
When You're Hoping Your Next Gig's With GQ
If You're Not Sure If Your Boots Go With Your Cufflinks, You're Doing Iraq Wrong If You're Not Sure If Your Boots Go With Your Cufflinks, You're Doing Iraq Wrong
"Veteran" Means "Not Just Dudes"
Women Vets Tired Of Abe Lincoln's Sexist Bullshit
The Department of Veteran Affairs, like most of America, has been slow to realize that a lot of the people that use its services have lady parts. Because if you have a vagina, that means your parts need different medical attention than if you have a prostate. Which Abraham Lincoln, raging sexist, did not understand when he first penned the quote now used by the VA as its motto. 
The VA’s defense of the motto has to be satire:
In response to IAVA’s criticism of the motto, Curt Cashour, a VA spokesman, said, “VA has the utmost respect for the service and sacrifice of all veterans, including women veterans. But Lincoln’s words are Lincoln’s words.”
Times have changed, the force has changed with it, and while you’re in the process of trying to provide even the most basic medical care to your veteran population, figure out a way to treat all vets equally, regardless of gender. 
But here’s the thing: the military still sucks at this, because I’m pretty sure if this specialist here in this next bit was a new dad? The PAO wouldn’t have written it this way. 
Be better at this, Army.
Full-time mother, part-time Soldier: new mother finds support at OCSII Full-time mother, part-time Soldier: new mother finds support at OCSII
Does Your Anti-Rape Kit Have Enough Garlic?
Patriarchy is a thing. Also a thing? An Energy Secretary that thinks oil is the key to stopping sexual assault. I’m putting this here because, well, Africa is of interest lately and FFS some really dumb people are in charge of some serious shit right now.
Maybe Rick Perry thinks rapists are vampires?
Because the only way someone from Texas knows how to keep the anti-rape lights on is through fossil fuels. Which totes Africa needs in order to stop the raping. Since all rapes only happen when the power goes out. 
Yeah. Let’s keep this guy in charge of shit. 
Facebook's Relationship With Russia? Complicated
Senator Franken had some questions about rubles
I’m thinking a lot about change today, and this is certainly one. Pretty sure when Zuckerberg was screwing his friends out of their Facebook money and starting the world’s largest platform for Shelley the homecoming queen’s essential oils page he didn’t think his company would be sitting in front of the Senate trying to explain how his capitalist zeal helped the Russians disrupt a presidential campaign.
The most cringeworthy bit out of this, and it’s worth watching the video, is when Senator Al Franken asks the chief legal counsel of Facebook what they thought was happening when someone was buying political ads with…rubles. 
I Tried To Keep This Under 500 Words
Dayum but writing short about big shit is hard as hell. Realized today that the last couple of issues have gotten super wordy. And I’m not making these into long form blog posts for a reason. But trying to jam the thoughts and the occasional GIF into 100 word bits on a topic? Not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. 
Like it? Hate it? Tell me. And then tell someone else. If you like it. Or if you hate it. Maybe they’ll like it. And we’ll see you back here on Monday!
Your War Editor, 
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