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Trump Schools Japanese On Way Of The Samurai

Today's 5 Things: No more USAID?; Going Kubrick in Kunduz; missiles of the Samurai; Riyadh's "corrupt
November 6 · Issue #11 · View online
5 NatSec Things
Today’s 5 Things: No more USAID?; Going Kubrick in Kunduz; missiles of the Samurai; Riyadh’s “corruption” cleanse; airstrikes = evacuations.

Tillerson's iceberg not yet worrying to USAID's Titanic
Almost 100 jobs at USAID were canceled last week because of the ongoing hiring freeze, worrying people in the aid business. Because that business helps people without having to shoot other people in the face. Tillerson’s already made disrupting USAID a priority, and what he’s doing will take years to undo. What the US needs is a better way to do aid, and burning down the barn you keep the aid in isn’t doing that. 
Anyone with a gun is Taliban
When he talks, you can barely see the Americans’ lips move – Ahmad Javed Salem, a spokesman for the Afghan commandos said this about reports US airstrikes killed Afghans in Kunduz…again:
“Over the past three days of our operations in the village, we haven’t seen a single civilian. We have video of the eight people killed in the morning strikes, and all of them were armed.”
Kunduz is the place where the US turned an MSF hospital into a parking lot in 2015. Then killed more civilians in 2016. Now it’s 2017, and Kunduz is ready to turn over its “Dead Afghans Championship” trophy over to someone else. But that’s how you make a counter-terror omelet: by breaking a few civilian eggs. Can’t wait for the ICC investigation on this.
Trump honors proud tradition of the samurai and their ABMs
And the quote: 
The U.S. president said he could not understand why a country of samurai warriors did not shoot down the missiles, the sources said.
Because Donald Trump hasn’t met a golf course he wouldn’t play or a missile he wouldn’t launch, he assumes the same is true for our Japanese allies. And invokes the spirit of the samurai, renowned for being able to launch anti-ballistic missiles from horseback, on the run, which is one reason why the Daleks never successfully invaded Japan. There is no trip more fraught with a sense of impending diplomatic peril than King Fumblethumb’s trip through Asia. Brace for more. 
Riyadh's latest PR binge followed by a "corruption" purge
Until today I didn’t know that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is one of the world’s richest men, that he twice bailed Donald Trump out of financial difficulties, or that he is, according to the Saudi crown prince, corrupt as fuck. It’s the last bit that crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is using as a pretext to arrest Prince Alwaleed and a lot of other people. It’s being seen as a power grab by the crown prince, unprecedented in the KSA, which usually chooses to air its grievances behind closed doors. Fun fact: the Ritz-Carlton is unavailable for bookings through 01 December, since that’s likely where the detainees will be held.
Somalia: Airstrikes yesterday, evacuation today
You want evacuations? Well, that’s how you get evacuations, as only a day after the US launched its first-ever airstrikes in Somalia, American personnel in Mogadishu are told they should leave the city. While the US has become risk averse to the point of the unreasonable in the wake of Benghazi, it’s less prone to telling people to get out. I’m sure the airstrikes and the sudden emergence of an imminent threat to Americans are unrelated. Because if you can’t bomb your way to peace, well, that’s just downright un-‘murcan.
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