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Yeah, Let's Not Play Nuke Hide & Seek w/North Korea

Today's things: DPRK answers; bollards for all; AfPak fencing; DC gets cosy with New Delhi; Afghan ch
November 7 · Issue #12 · View online
5 NatSec Things
Today’s things: DPRK answers; bollards for all; AfPak fencing; DC gets cosy with New Delhi; Afghan choppers rebuilding US/Russia ties.

The One Word Answer To DPRK Nukes: Invade
As much as we’d like to distill war down to pushing a button from the safety of an underground bunker, none of that can replace boots on the ground. That is, if you want to be sure things like nuclear weapons are gone for good. 
And since the North Koreans are world class hide-and-seek champions, doing that’s going to take time. Which means another protracted land war in Asia, and if Princess Bride taught us anything, that’s something you should avoid. 
Car Free Cities Really Aren't About Terrorism, Though
Time for extreme vetting, UHaul, because someone drove a Home Depot pickup into some people in New York City. There are some cities (none of them in the US) turning large portions of their downtown areas into car-free zones protected by retractable bollards. 
These facts are not related, but we’ve got to make all the things about terrorism. The good news is that global warming’s going to solve the terrorist problem, too: hard to terrorize a planet that no longer exists.
Pakistan Takes Notes On Trump's Wall, Builds Fence
What the article gets wrong is that Pakistan’s doing this in response to the US condemning Islamabad for harboring the Taliban. Because the Americans have been making noises about that for years, and nothing’s changed. 
Notable is the Pakistanis putting up an actual fence, instead of just the notional border loosely policed by Pak security. It’s a border in name only, and that works for the US, too, which continues to operate (with Islamabad’s blessing) counter-terror missions alone the line.
DC Wants To Get In The New Delhi Business
A lot of people are heading to India, and it’s not just for medical tourism. Of course, in Tilllerson’s case, maybe finding another brain wouldn’t hurt things, but he was in New Delhi doing his best to find a regional ally as a buffer against Beijing’s continued push for Asian dominance. 
India has a lot to offer the US, particularly when it comes to resolving the Afghanistan problem. Beyond that war, though, the Americans need more friends in the region, and India’s not a bad option.
6 Afghan Choppers Could Bring Moscow And DC Closer
Kabul’s gone to New Delhi several times with a wish list of weapons. India so far has rebuffed most of those requests, with the exception of a few gunships. Now India’s going to be the bridge that maybe Trump and Putin can walk across as they send some Afghan choppers to Russia for an overhaul, and the Indians get the bill. 
Which is what the US wants: cooperation on Afghanistan between Moscow and DC facilitated by a third party. Guarantee there’s a deal on US weapons in it for New Delhi, because there’s no way politically the Americans could give money to Russia to get this job done. 
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